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Medical Director: Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Claudia Nevinny-Stickel-Hinzpeter


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Our Guidance

Our task as Human Geneticists is to decode genes. We are able to gain more information from day to day due to the continuous progress in Science and Analytics. The view through the microscope allows insight to the genetic program of our patients which become more and more precise and allows more and more detailed analysis. Today, smallest alteration in the Chromosome can be detected, metabolic disorders like Diabetes mellitus can be explained in much more detail, tumor risks can be calculated much more reliable, and parental relations can be determined much more precise. But more knowledge also calls for more accountability. The diligent and professional treatment of the produced data requires an awareness for the importance of these information for the life of our patients. Therefore, we do not restrict ourselves to offer cutting edge technologies, permanent quality control, and constant adaptation to the requirements in analytics and diagnostics, which we regard as the fundament of our work, but more importantly to convey the results which disclose the genes to us in a trustworthy and competent manner. Therefore, our offering always includes a comprehensive emotional chaperonage prior, during, and after the Analytics phase. Genetic diagnosis, being pre-natal or post-natal always mean for persons concerned and their relatives emotional distress. To recognize this and to absorb this to the most possible extend is of highest importance for us. We, therefore, always treat genetic information extremely sensitive and handover these information only personally, always respecting the right of a patient who does not want to no the result of an analysis.

Because Human Genetics always needs to be human.


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